Beautiful day birding at Brazos Bend!

We had a fantastic day at Brazos Bend! We hiked Live Oak Trail, Pilant Sough Trail, Spillway Trail and part of 40 Acre Trail Lake. The weather was great, it was a little overcast and sprinkled rain for just a few minutes but the breezes were cool. Here’s a link to the trail map. The birds and gators did NOT disappoint. We even saw a snake which completely grosses me out.

Brazos Bend is located at 21901 FM 762 Rd, Needville, TX 77461 and adult admission is $7. I can tell you the admission fee was completely justified as soon as we photograped the owl and owlet. It was a dream come true! Brazos Bend State Park is a 4,897-acre state park along the Brazos River in Needville, Texas, run by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. It has bathrooms, benches, water bottle fill station, playgrounds, fishing piers, camping and more.

I can’t stress this enough – please be so careful around the alligators. GIVE THEM ROOM! We have YET to make a trip without witnessing an overzealous parent pushing their child towards an alligator for a photo opportunity.

Check out our photos, we’d love to know what you think!