Review: Mcoplus macro extension tube set

I recently purchased this set for Christy for Valentine’s Day. We rented a macro lens a few weeks ago and she really enjoyed using it. We thought about purchasing a dedicated macro lens – until we saw the price. I just wasn’t sure I could justify the cost of a lens like that, especially since we are just hobbyists. A quick scroll through Amazon though led me to these tubes, and I thought why not. I wasn’t sure how well they would work, or if they really could make ANY lens a macro lens, but I thought it was worth trying out and writing a review so anyone on the fence about purchasing them could get some firsthand info.

Mcoplus Macro Tubes for Nikon. <– affiliate link

My initial thoughts are that they are plastic, VERY plastic. They are pretty light and seem that if you dropped them on a hard surface they might break. The metals that are used look a little cheap. Not super cheap but definitely not high quality. The steel tabs to unlock the lens from the tube are smooth and deburred making them easy to push down. That is a plus point for me, nothing like pushing down on little razor blades to ruin a day of shooting. All of the little tabs for the autofocus seem to be the same quality as the camera and lenses. Installing the tubes to the camera body or a lens to the tube has a gritty feeling to it. It’s rough and actually takes a little bit of effort. On the plus side they are very light, and don’t take up much space. All stacked together they are the size of a small lens.

Shooting with the tubes is as straight forward as you would expect. I set up a little photo shoot with different items using various textures, materials and sizes. Adjusting the camera for each tube change wasn’t too bad, they all worked around the same settings. I tried to stay around the same aperture setting for the lenses to see how they react with the different tube lengths. I was shooting at dusk so the fading light proved to be the most difficult task.

Nevertheless, I was able to get off 50 shots with various lenses. I used a Nikon D3400 and the Nikon 18-55mm kit lens, Yongnuo 35mm f/2, Rokinon 85mm f/1.8 and the Nikon 70-300. I tried to use the largest range of lenses to see if you really could use any lens.

Yongnuo 35mm f/3.5 12mm tube

I found that smaller focal length lenses will give you the most “macro” effect, but the smaller the lens is the closer you have to be to your subject. With the 35mm I was right on top of whatever I was shooting. The bottom of the lens housing was often touching, thus I was unable to get a shot with anything under 35mm.

Yongnuo 35mm f/3.5 12mm tube
Yongnuo 35mm f/3.5 36mm tube

The autofocus worked ok on most of the lenses, it was super fast on the 70-300. With the longest tube, or a combination of tubes it didn’t work at all with most of the lenses, but it was just easier to move closer and farther from the subject and fine tune with the manual ring.

85mm f/3.5 12mm tube

At smaller focal lengths the different tubes do add a bit of a magnification giving your shots that macro look.

Nikon 18-55@55mm f/5.6 12mm tube

At longer focal lengths they just seem narrow or widen the field of view. they do allow you to focus much closer to the subject than without them, it’s just not the same look as the smaller lenses.

Nikon 18-55@55mm f/5.6 36mm tube
Nikon 70-300@100mm f/4.8 12mm tube

All in all they work really well and give some pretty darn good images. If you are shooting something stationary and want a really close shot a smaller lens with the longer tube would be my recommendation. If you are shooting insects or perhaps something that might run away if you get too close a longer lens with really any tube, depends on what you want in the image, would probably be your best bet.

Nikon 70-300@100mm f/4.8 20mm tube
Nikon 70-300@100mm f/4.8 36mm tube

I would definitely recommend theses tubes to anyone looking into them. They are a great option for any amateur, hobbyist or budget minded photographers like us. I had such a fun time doing this shoot, maybe it’s just because I’m one of those people that enjoy the process over the product, and I can’t wait to take them out and use them again.

Mcoplus Macro Tubes for Nikon. <– affiliate link

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